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To what length will we go to avoid loneliness?Ebocloud_BookCover_S#2DB153
Facebook may once have been the one-word answer to that question, but for the hundreds of millions flocking to engage in, “friending” seems frivolous by comparison. In the “great belonging” of the cloud, few stop to consider what sacrifices are being made as they work together with their “ebo cousins” to build a more loving society, under the leadership of ebocloud’s idealistic architect, Radu Cajal.

For New York artist Ellison Luber, however, the losses are not abstract — they are immediate and personal. While nearly oblivious to the ebocloud humanitarian movement, Ellie’s insular life is violently upended by an attack that takes the life of his neighbor and sends his girlfriend in flight from the police. And most astoundingly, this and other crimes he experiences are traceable to ebocloud, the same organization dedicated to the new humanitarian enlightenment of the world.

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